Our standard training is training “on the job”. This means that a practitioner will start with providing a year-course to migrants (free materials for the programme are included in the training) and the training will take place parallel to this year. It consists of

Face-to-face in company training:

  • 1 day ahead of leading a participatory group +
  • 1 day half way +
  • 3-4 hours for conclusion after the year +

Online trainer’s community:

  • reading +
  • online coaching +
  • interprofessional online consultation (or offline, if students work in tje same company)

Combined, it requires 34 study hours. This is an accredited course by Dutch higher education standards.

In the Netherlands, we provide the training to 1-15 students (preferrably groups of 3+ because of group interaction, which plays an important role in modelling the work with migrants).

Internationally, it is not feasible to provide the training to individual students because of the face-to-face-components. We will aplly for an Erasmus+ K1- fund in 2017, which enables us to teach and learn abroad. We aim for 2 days of training per group of 5-15 persons minimum. In return, we would like to make field trips and learn about participatory approaches in your local situation.

Furthermore, we are willing to educate about the principles of the IDEAL-method in all sorts of ways, be it a short workshop, a key note, a lecture or articles (online, see also the available materials on the website).

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please send us a message.