The target group for IDEAL consists of immigrant women/refugees from non-western countries with one or several of the following characteristics:

  • none or only a few years of primary education (illiteracy)
  • very limited knowledge and understanding of the surrounding western society
  • none or very limited command of the language of their host country
  • low self esteem and self confidence
  • suffering from physical, mental, or psychosomatic illness, often resulting in a predominant “illness identity” overshadowing any other possible self-perception
  • lack of understanding of gender equality, lack of skills as how to adjust traditional ways of parenting to gender balanced societies
  • lack of understanding of their roles, as of how to make effective use of their resources
  • social problems in the family
  • an experience of stagnation and failure, the conviction that a transformation in one’s life is impossible

Many have previously participated in study and language programs without mentionable results.

IDEAL is based on the participatory pedagogical method Themis, which is characterised by its use of creative sense-activating didactic tools, a semi-structured curriculum, and a mother-tongue-based dual language approach.

IDEAL can be adapted to different populations and target groups.