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We provide training of trainers, a handbook and a checklist for practitioners.


The Themis-IDEAL Handbook for Implementation, in English.

This handbook describes in detail the relevance, background and methodology of IDEAL, the implementation modalities, characteristics of the target group, and opportunities and limitations of the approach. A summary evaluation of the pilots and lessons learned are included. It provides for extensive instructions and recommendations on implementing IDEAL in adult education for the target group in Europe, and to make it fit to local conditions and circumstances. Also the necessary competences and attitudes of IDEAL teachers are outlined extensively. Instruments for measuring progress are included as well: on language acquisition and on progress on levels of participation, for baseline and evaluation purposes. Finally it includes references, and advices on additional and follow up activities.

The Handbook for Implementation is available here

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Use our brief checklist if you consider to start with IDEAL groups

images-25x25 Checklist for the implementation of IDEAL

The former Themis-IDEAL Handbook for Teachers is available here (revised edition, November 2014).

Themis-IDEAL_Handbook for teachers (Nov. 2014)